New England Wine Region

Award winning paper on the new england wine region to be published in the "International Journal of Wine Business Research".

On the 7th & 8th of December, 2009, The Wine Industry Research Collaborative at the University of Newcastle hosted their Inaugural Wine Business Research Symposium. The prime objective of the symposium was to "bring together practitioners and scholars from the social sciences and humanities interested in wine regions, wineries and other wine-related entities and activities".

Academic papers were sought from a wide range of participants with the expectation that they would address issues such as, the impact of environmental considerations on business strategy, knowledge flow in wine regions, innovation, wine clusters and networks, links between entertainment, tourism and wine activities, contextual and historical influences on wine activities, sustainability in wine regions and activities, and the role of public policy and other regulatory institutions.

Selected best papers were reviewed for possible publication in the International Journal of Wine Business Research.All papers were evaluated based on scientific merit, relevance to the future of the world of wine, and ability to generate interest and discussion.

Bligh Grant, Brian Dollery and Colin Hearfield of UNE's Centre for Local Government delivered the paper:


The paper was awarded Best of the Symposium and was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Wine Business Research.

The draft paper may be read at

UNE's Centre for Local Government plans more research into wine an element to regional economic development, in particular a comparative paper on the regions of Mudgee, Stanthorpe and Orange.