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Merlot is the principal black grape variety of its homeland of Bordeaux in France, where it is often used to make some of the world's most famous and most expensive wines. It is a superb variety to grow in cool climates like New England where we can produce beautifully complex merlots with lots of soft fruit flavours that tend not to show in fruit grown in warmer areas.

Merlot is wonderfully versatile when it comes to matching it with food. It goes well with tomato based pasta sauces, roasted beef and lamb, salmon and tuna, chinese & mexican dishes...

Armidale Chardonnay Bottle
Thunder Ridge Merlot 2010
Case (12 Bottles)
(+$20.00 p&h)



Originating in the Burgundy region of France where it is used to make many fine wines, Chardonnay is the classic white grape that is now grown all around the world. Chardonnay has an impressive range of flavours and a broad range of styles making it accommodating to most palates and therefore the world's favourite wine. The warm days and cool nights that we have here in New England allow us to produce beautiful crisp wines with lovely fruit characteristics.

Chardonnay is easy to pair with dishes of poultry, pork, seafood, pasta with creamy sauces and even curry dishes.

Armidale Chardonnay Bottle
Thunder Ridge Chardonnay 2010
Case (12 Bottles)
(+$14.00 p&h)
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